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Willer Free Changelog

Showcase your work in the best light.

Willer Free WordPress Theme by Franchi Webdesign

Willer Free is flexible and high performance multipurpose WordPress Theme for personal and corporate use. Willer is perfect for anyone who wants an easy theme to use and with a clean code. You can use this theme for: web agency, freelancer, eCommerce, photography studios, architect agency, personal portfolio, web design works. With Willer you can easily create any layout you like, because it has many templates for both pages and posts.This theme was created with a black background. You can also set a light background.For customization you can use the Customizer and also the Meta-boxes.

Willer Free is GPL Compatible.

You can use theme for personal and commercial use.

Changelog-theme wordpress frachiwebdesign


 V 1.0.0

Theme release as first version

V 1.0.1

Updated the screenshot image

V 1.0.2

Change Theme URI

V 1.0.3

Updated the readme.txt file

V 1.0.4

Fixed some bugs
Added prefix to variables

V 1.0.5

Updated the screenshot text

V 1.0.6

Add subject tags
Load willer_load_admin_style only page willer_page
Remove add_editor_style() properly
esc_attr() instead of esc_html()
Update POT file

V 1.0.7

Correct include page Admin
Correct string translation in template-tags

V 1.0.8

Update POT file
esc_attr() instead of esc_html()
Removed jquery-3.3.1.js and jquery-3.3.1.min.js
Handle prefix in admin_css

V 1.0.9

Update POT file
Removed jquery-3.3.1.js and jquery-3.3.1.min.js from the folder
Remove willer-search-form

V 1.1.0

Removed a class in menu

V 1.1.1

Add style css for element “a”
Add Comparison in admin page
Add Go Pro in Customizer
Update POT file

V 1.1.2

Fixed some bugs

V 1.1.3

Add Google Font Family

V 1.1.4

Fixed some bugs
Copyright graphics improved
Customizer graphics update
Added fantastic Family Fonts Title
Added fantastic Family Fonts Subtitle
Back To Top position added

V 1.1.5

Fixed some bugs
Keyboard accessibility added

V 1.1.6

Fixed some bugs
Improved Widget area in Footer

V 1.1.7

Fixed some bugs
Added expert length control
Added possibility to order sections on the Homepage
Added section margin control
Added check enable or disable meta info Blog section
Added ability to put icon to indicate Widgets in the Footer that are sliding in responsive mode
Added ability to enable or disable meta info Blog in Post
Added the possibility to choose between 3 color skins
Added ability to control size and color of section titles on Home Page
Added control to enable or disable title effect
Added control to enable or disable scroll image effect
Added Slider Section
Added size and color control for navbar menu
Add Breadcrumbs
Added control color for Footer
Added control color for effect image in Section Homepage
Added Video Support in header
Improve the Customizer
Improve the Responsive
Added two recommended header images
Added ability to import demos
Added control for size Footer Logo

V 1.1.8

Fixed bug in content page

V 1.1.9

Fixed bug in the colors
Improved calendar widget style
Fixed bug in Portfolio Section Homepage
Fixed bug control enable or disable date and time Blog Section Homepage
Improved Area Widget Footer in responsive

V 1.2.0

Fixed bug in Footer
Added php version in css style file

V 1.2.1

Changed Theme URI
Changed Link Page Admin
Changed administration page notification as per new requirements
Fixed some bug

V 1.2.2 – December /18/2020

Fixed some bug

V 1.2.3 – February / 04/2021

Fixed some bug

V 1.2.4 – February / 24/2021

Fixed some bug

V 2.0.0 – October / 02/2021

Added BubiBlock Slider
Updated demo importer and added detailed guide
Compatibility with Gutenberg Blocks
Added Willer Canva Template for page and Post with related controls to Customize
Fixed Bug Menu
Fixed Bug Menu Responsive
Improved administration page
Fixed general bugs
Fixed readme file

V 2.0.1 – February / 19/2022

Fixed general bugs
Improved administration page
Improved Search Widget/Block

V 3.0.0 – September 13/ 2022

  • Added support for video in responsive
  • Added support for blocks style
  • Added custom palette colors
  • Improved Admin Dashboard
  • Fix some bugs

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