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I nostri Temi

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by Franchi Web Design
Ferrara – Italy
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Chi dovrebbe utilizzare i nostri temi?

Our themes are perfect for entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers and just about everyone else. If you want to create a website, blog or shop, anything is possible using the power of our Pro themes.

Do I start from scratch if I upgrade?

When you upgrade to the premium version of a product, you get all the PRO features and everything integrates seamlessly. The extra features will be added and your existing work will be there.

Do I need to have programming skills?

Not at all! Using our themes, you can do pretty much anything without any programming skills.

Can I use your themes on my customers' sites?

Absolutely yes! You have 3 choices: 

  • Premium License: You can use the theme on one website only
  • Business License: You can use the theme on 3 websites
  • Agency License: You can use the theme on as many sites as you want


If I change site, can I move the license to another site?

Absolutely yes! In the theme settings you have the license management, where you can de-register it from the site where it is, and register it in a new site.

Can I cancel my annual subscription?

The subscription is valid for 12 months, after which you can renew it or not, it's always up to you. There is no automatic renewal!

Still have a question?

If you haven't found the answer to your question here, you can contact us through this module.

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