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Impostazioni Iniziali Atomy Free

Initial basic setting ​Hi, here are the initial settings to set up your shop with Atomy. 1 Install the recommended plugins (at least WooCommerce)2 Create a new page ( The name can be what you prefer!)3 Go to WooCommerce -> ...

Grandezza Immagini Atomy

In Atomy there are several sizes for the images, below is a list of recommended sizes.These measurements refer to a minimum size that the image should have. Section Slider -> 4000x2000 px Section Card-> Card 1 1000x2000px - Card 2 800x2000px ...
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Atomy Plugin Settings

Here's how to properly configure the Atomy plugins.Below you will find the configurations and explanations of some plugins, those not mentioned do not need particular cunfigurations. TI Wishlist General Settings Create a page with the Wishlist title (you ...
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Atomy Franchi shortcode plugin

Inside the Atomy zip file you will find the "Extra" folder -> "Plugins" folder, here you will find the plugin.Go to your site's Dashboard and install this plugin, just activate it and you can take advantage of all the shortcode to insert the sections ...

Personalizzazione Atomy

Hi, and welcome to the Atomy User Guide. Theme Customize​With Atomy you have the possibility to customize your site, let's see how to do it step by step.The customizations are found in the customize of the ...

Installazione Atomy Pro

Hi, and welcome to the Atomy User Guide. Theme Installation IMPORTANT​ unzip the downloaded zip fileinside you can find ( Files)open Theme Filesinside you find ( WordPress upload Login to your WordPress admin panelNavigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New ...